Christian conservative Franklin Graham is calling on supporters to pray for Rowan, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis as a gay man runs to take her job.

In a Facebook post, Graham, the son of televangelist Billy Graham and a supporter of President Donald Trump, called on supporters to pray for Davis, who is facing four challengers for her job as county clerk, including David Ermold, a gay man who sued Davis after she refused to issue him and his now husband David Moore a marriage license in 2015.

Ermold made headlines last week when Davis accepted his paperwork to enter the race.

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“Remember Kim Davis?” Franklin, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, asked his supporters on Facebook. “She is the county clerk who wanted to be able to do her job without signing same-sex marriage licenses. Well, the gay man whose license she would not sign back in 2015 was recently back in her office, sitting across the desk from her. This time he was filing the paperwork to run for her job as county clerk – and Kim helped him. Pray for Kim Davis as her stand for her religious convictions put her back into the news again. I urge Christians across the nation to run for office at every level – local, state, and Federal. We can make a difference if we stand boldly on the side of the Word of God.”

Ermold teaches English at the University of Pikeville.

Davis, who has worked in the clerk's office for nearly three decades, was elected county clerk in 2014 as a Democrat, but has since switched her registration to Republican.