A gay man to whom Rowan, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis two years ago refused to issue a marriage license filed paperwork on Wednesday challenging her for her job.

David Ermold returned to the Rowan County courthouse where Davis refused him to submit paperwork to enter the race. Davis accepted his forms.

Davis became a Christian celebrity when she refused to obey the Supreme Court's June 2015 ruling that found that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry. She told Ermold and his now husband David Moore that her office was not issuing marriage licenses to gay couples on the “authority of God.” Davis served five days in jail after she was declared in contempt of court for ignoring a court order requiring her office to begin issuing marriage licenses to all couples.

Three other candidates are challenging Davis.

“I don't think I know that the people in the county are ready to move on,” Ermold told the AP. “They want her out of office is what they want. And I think that we should have somebody in there that's qualified. Somebody in there that's compassionate. Somebody that's in there that understands public service.”

“A county clerk's job is an administrative job. That's what it is. It's to serve the people of our county. That's what that person is there to do. They are not there to get all kinds of attention outside of the area, to bring in outside organizations, bring in that money and send a divisive message out there, and to divide the people.”

“I do not want to run a campaign that is red and blue, because, you know, the issues here they're not owned by one party. Fairness, responsibility, these are things that should be important to everyone,” he added.

Ermold teaches English at the University of Pikeville.

Davis, who has worked in the clerk's office for nearly three decades, was elected county clerk in 2014 as a Democrat, but has since switched her registration to Republican.