Out English singer-songwriter Sam Smith said in a recent interview that he “gets homophobic abuse on a daily basis.”

The 25-year-old Smith is currently promoting his sophomore studio album The Thrill of It All.

Smith told the Herald Sun that he hopes his songs will help promote greater tolerance toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people around the world.

Smith said that his upcoming track Him is about a boy who comes out gay to his father. (Smith came out gay to his family at age 10.)

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Him is my version of a hymn,” Smith said. “It was important for me to speak about my views on that issue on this album instead of just being about love and relationships.”

Smith added that he's concerned about a homophobic backlash to the song.

“We'll see when I start singing Him in certain parts of the world,” Smith said. “I hope people listen and accept, but there's people who aren't going to.”

“I get homophobic abuse on a daily basis on social media,” he added.

Smith's The Thrill of It All arrives Friday, November 3.