British singer Sam Smith covers the October issue of UK gay glossy Attitude.

Smith, 25, last week dropped his first single in two years, Too Good at Goodbyes, and has confirmed that his as-yet titled sophomore album will arrive before Christmas. Smith's debut album, In the Lonely Hour, was named Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys in 2015.

Sir Elton John interviewed Smith for the magazine.

“I came out when I was ten,” Smith said. “I'd finished primary school and was going into secondary school.”

“I was very sure of, and in, myself,” he continued. “When I told my mum she said she always knew. She said she knew when I was three. My dad just asked if I was absolutely sure. They were incredibly supportive.”

“I think my dad was scared for me, because of his own life experience. He grew up in Fulham and where he went to school it just wasn’t very accepting. I think he saw a lot of kids get bullied and just felt really nervous for me.”

“He didn’t have a problem with it, but he worried about me, especially when, at 16, I used to wear a lot of make-up and dressed differently,” Smith added.