Colorado pastor Kevin Swanson this week claimed that most Christians do not have the strength to fight off the “Gay Borg.”

Swanson, who helms Generations with Vision Ministry, told his radio listeners that even using the word “gay” is a capitulation and advised them to use the term “miserable wedding” instead of “gay wedding.”

“Very few Christians have the strength to stand against the Gay Borg, the homosexual blitzkrieg today, the sodomite emperor’s new clothes charade,” Swanson told his listeners on Monday, asserting that those who dare to “address the issue of sodomy … will be stoned or something close to it.”

“[Homosexuality] is one of the absolute worst, most abominable sins that humans have ever, ever committed,” he said, adding that Christians should never use the word “gay” or “gay wedding.”

“Even using the word gay wedding … even using the word gay is a capitulation,” Swanson said. “Now if he had said the miserable wedding versus the gay wedding, that would have been more accurate. … Or the sodomite wedding. Or the homosexual wedding, perhaps. But not gay wedding, [because] you're capitulating to the destruction of language.”

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