The night before he signed a so-called religious freedom executive order, President Donald Trump dined with several Religious Right leaders.

Trump's order, signed during a White House Rose Garden ceremony on Thursday, allows religious organizations to endorse political candidates and weakens health insurance requirements for contraception.

LGBT rights activists had braced for an order that protects opponents of LGBT rights.

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Among those who attended the dinner were Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, James Dobson, Jim Garlow, Ralph Reed, Eric Metaxas and Richard Land, all of whom are vocally opposed to LGBT rights.

Jeffress and Graham, the son of televangelist Billy Graham, appear to be closest to Trump, and are outspoken in their contempt for the LGBT community and its advances.

Jeffress has called homosexuality a “sin” and compared gay sex to plugging a U.S. TV into a European outlet, while Graham has called marriage equality “the great sin”and has routinely called on followers to boycott LGBT-friendly companies.

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