Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the influential First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, has sided with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

Robertson was suspended from the reality show after stating that gay sex is an illogical “sin.”

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Appearing on CNN's New Day, Jeffress said that what Robertson said about homosexuality is in keeping with what the Bible teaches.

“And that is that God created sex for a man and a woman in a marriage relationship and any deviation from that, whether it be adultery or pre-marital sex or homosexuality, is sinful,” Jeffress said. “And when Phil says that it's unnatural for a man to be with a man, or a woman with a woman, it's a misuse of the body, he is simply quoting what Paul says in Romans 1. Now people might not agree with that, they may want to attach some new interpretation to it, but people don't have the right to label Phil or me or tens of millions of Evangelical Christians as hateful because we hold to a historic understanding of the Bible.”

“To say homosexuality is sinful is no more hateful than saying adultery is sinful,” he added.

Earlier this year, Jeffress compared gay sex to plugging a 120-volt television into a 220-volt outlet.