Hillary Clinton has called on the Trump administration to demand an end to the persecution of gay men in Chechnya.

Reports of police in Chechnya, a Muslim-majority republic of Russia, torturing and killing men suspected of being gay or bisexual started appearing earlier this month.

Russian newspaper Novaya Gaceta broke the story, reporting that more than 100 men have been detained and three killed in the anti-gay campaign, including several well-known local television personalities and religious figures.

According to NBC News, Clinton made her remarks at a fundraiser for an LGBT community center in New York City on Thursday.

“Each time this administration elevates an outspoken opponent of LGBT equality – sometimes in particularly cruel ways like replacing the first openly gay Secretary of the Army with someone who called being transgender a ‘disease' – I picture all of the joyful, beaming couples that I’ve met across our country … who are so excited to get married, start a family, and begin their lives together,” Clinton said, referring to Mark Green, Trump's nominee for the post.

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“It’s not just here in our country that we’re seeing clouds gathering on the horizon. The US government – yes, this government – must demand an end to the persecution of gay men in Russia,” she added.

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