Tennessee state Senator Mark Green, President Donald Trump's nominee to become secretary of the Army, once called transgender people “evil.”

Green, who is popular among conservative Republicans, has introduced and backed several anti-LGBT bills, including one that would prohibit transgender students from using the bathroom of their choice.

According to GLAAD, Green last year called transgender people “evil.”

“The government exists to honor those people who live honorable, who do good things – to reward people who behave well and to crush evil. So that means as a state senator, my responsibility very clearly in Romans 13 is to create an environment where people who do right are rewarded and the people who do wrong are crushed. Evil is crushed. So I’m going to protect women in their bathrooms, and I’m going to protect our state against potential infiltration from the Syrian ISIS people in the refugee program. And whoever wants to stand up and take me on that, I’m ready to fight,” Green said during an interview on The Hotwash with CJ and Alex radio show.

Last year, Green called being transgender “a disease.”

“If you poll the psychiatrists, they're going to tell you that transgender is a disease,” Green told an audience in September. “It is a part of the DSM-6, I think it is, the book of diagnostic psychological procedures or diagnoses.”

The Huffington Post points out that the American Psychiatric Association stopped listing “gender identity disorder” as a disease in its DSM-5 and notes that there is no DSM-6.

If confirmed by the Senate, Green would succeed Eric Fanning, who made history during the Obama era as the first openly gay person to head the Army.

On the campaign trail, President Donald Trump suggested he does not support open transgender service in the military.

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