In a video clip released Tuesday by UK gay glossy Attitude, Tyler Oakley was asked to decide who he would snog, marry and avoid between Tom Daley, Russell Tovey and Olly Alexander.

The YouTube personality is among the three men featured on the magazine's most recent cover.

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In the video, Oakley called the decisions “tough,” but quickly settled on marrying Olympian Tom Daley.

“I know Tom,” Oakley said. “And I know we get along, so I think I would just marry him. We would have a beautiful life together.”

“I cannot help the laws of attraction,” he said with a smile before revealing he would snog actor Russell Tovey and avoid singer-songwriter Olly Alexander.

“So, Olly I'm sorry, I have to avoid you. It's not for any reason … you were put in with Russell and I cannot say no to that,” he added with a laugh.