Appearing on CBS' The Late Show, Ewan McGregor weighed in on the controversy surrounding a gay character in Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Director Bill Condon told UK gay glossy Attitude that Gaston's bumbling sidekick LeFou (played by Josh Gad) would have an “exclusively gay moment” in the film.

“There's a lot of gay sex in it,” McGregor, who plays Lumiere in the film, told host Stephen Colbert.

“If you live anywhere near Alabama, you should not go see this film,” he added, a reference to an Alabama drive-in's announcement that it will not show the film because of Gad's character. “What would Jesus think?”

“There were rumors that LeFou had gay yearnings for Gaston, or something,” Colbert explained. “It turns out, he dances with a guy in a dress, in one of the scenes, right? That's the whole thing.”

“No,” McGregor responded, “he's a gay character.”

“He is?” Colbert asked. “I thought it turned out [the film] doesn't actually say.”

“He's a gay character. It's 2017 for fuck sake!” McGregor said to applause from the audience.