The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) may pull dozens of championship events from North Carolina unless a law that targets the LGBT community is repealed.

House Bill 2 blocks cities and municipalities from enacting measures which prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings, including schools.

In a letter distributed to members of the General Assembly on Monday, Scott Dupree, executive director of the Raleigh Sports Alliance, said that the NCAA will not consider bids from North Carolina unless HB 2 is repealed, WRAL reported.

Dupree said that at stake were the 133 bids for NCAA events through 2022 that have been submitted by North Carolina cities, colleges and universities.

“[We are facing] a six-year drought of NCAA championships in North Carolina,” Dupree said.

The NCAA has already pulled several events from the state over the law.

Dupree added that “many other sports organizations will surely follow” the NCAA's lead.

Dupree pleaded with lawmakers to act. “In a matter of days, our state's tourism industry will suffer crushing, long-term losses and will essentially close its doors to NCAA business. Our window to act is closing rapidly.”

Despite mounting losses, a majority of Republicans continue to support House Bill 2.

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