North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger said this week that an “outright repeal” of a controversial law that targets the LGBT community does not have enough support.

Republican lawmakers last year approved House Bill 2 during a one-day special session in March. The law blocks cities and municipalities from enacting LGBT protections and prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in many buildings.

In an interview with Time Warner Cable News, Berger also said that a compromise was unlikely.

“I think the window for that compromise may not be open at this point, and I certainly don't believe that the votes exist for an outright repeal without anything else,” Berger said.

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper disagreed with that assessment during an event in Charlotte, saying that “there are enough overall votes – even if you don't have a majority [in the] Republican caucuses - to pass repeal,” The News & Observer reported.

Berger responded in a statement, saying that the governor and his “far-left allies must stop trying to force women and young girls to share bathrooms and school locker rooms with men.”

Passage of House Bill 2 led to an economic boycott of North Carolina, costing the state an estimated $400 million, according to an analysis by Wired.