A Wyoming Republican lawmaker said this week that he's drafting a bill that targets the transgender community.

State Rep. Roy Edwards of Gillette said his bill would mirror North Carolina's House Bill 2, the first state law in the nation to prohibit transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in public buildings.

“I've it [in] mind ever since the problem started happening when people of the other sex thought they could enter into the bathroom of the opposite sex,” Edwards told the Casper Star-Tribune.

Under Wyoming law, draft bills are not made public.

Edwards announced the bill during a legislative breakfast held last week by the Gillette Chamber of Commerce, WyoFile reported. He told the audience that his goal with the legislation was to keep people from “getting their thrills off and being allowed to go into the opposite sex's bathroom.”

North Carolina's controversial HB2 has led to a vocal backlash that has included state laws that prohibit state workers from traveling to states that restrict LGBT rights. A California law enacted in response to HB2 requires that the attorney general post online a list of states to which travel is restricted.

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