California Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed a bill banning government workers from non-essential travel to states with laws that restrict LGBT rights.

State agencies are also blocked from requiring their workers to travel to such states.

College sports teams could also be affected by the law as it applies to the University of California and California State University System.

While the law (Assembly Bill 1887) does not specifically single out North Carolina's House Bill 2 – which rolled back LGBT protections in Charlotte and prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings and schools – it does appear to be a response to its passage in March.

“This bill would prohibit a state agency and the Legislature from requiring any of its employees, officers, or members to travel to, or approving a request for state-funded or state-sponsored travel to, any state that, after June 26, 2015, has enacted a law that voids or repeals, or has the effect of voiding or repealing, existing state or local protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression or has enacted a law that authorizes or requires discrimination against same-sex couples or their families or on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, as specified, subject to certain exceptions,” the bill's summary states.

The law requires that the California attorney general post online a list of states to which travel is restricted.

Several states, including Oregon, Minnesota, New York, Washington, Connecticut and Vermont, have either banned non-essential government travel to North Carolina or condemned the bill's passage.