An early Christmas ad from greeting card giant Hallmark features a gay couple.

Hallmark posted the 15-second ad, titled Keepsake Ornaments, on Facebook.

“Just can't let go of … anything?” Hallmark wrote in unveiling the ad. “Unwrap, unpack and commemorate the moments that matter.”

In the ad, two men are busy moving into a new home.

One man finds the couple's first Christmas tree in a box.

“This was our first tree,” the man says.

“You know what it needs? An accessory,” his partner says before hanging a “New Home 2016” ornament.

“Mi casa es su casa,” the partner says as the couple admires the tree.

Hallmark has previously included same-sex couples in their advertising. In 2008, Christian conservative group American Family Association (AFA) protested Hallmark for selling wedding cards aimed at gay and lesbian couples.