Conservative Christian group American Family Association (AFA) is protesting Hallmark's recent entry into the gay marriage cards business. AFA called the decision motivated by “greed,” and gay marriage a “lifestyle which is illegal in 48 states.”

Hallmark, America's largest greeting card company, is offering customers four gay wedding cards. The cards do not mention gender or occasion, making them suitable for civil unions as well.

“It's our goal to be as relevant as possible to as many people as we can,” Hallmark spokeswoman Sarah Gronberg Kolell told the Associated Press.

But that explanation did not sit well with leaders at the AFA, who condemned the decision.

“Hallmark is a private company obviously driven by greed. Let them know you do not appreciate Hallmark promoting a lifestyle which is illegal in 48 states,” the group says in a statement located on their website. The posting urges members to email Hallmark in protest.

Speculation over an imminent boycott started on Friday, when Jeremy Hooper revealed on his blog that the group had purchased the domain

The AFA is currently boycotting McDonald's over its support of the GLBT community.

That scuffle began when AFA officials found out that McDonald's' Director of Communications Richard Ellis was a board member of the National Gay Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce (NGLCC), and that McDonald's itself is a member of the organization and has donated to it. The group asked McDonald's to removed itself from the chamber.

In a letter to the AFA, McDonald's officials expressed continued support to the GLBT community. “We will continue to support our people and their right to live and work in an inclusive society.”

In March, the association ended a two-year boycott against Ford Motor Company after it stopped advertising in the gay media. The automaker, however, has said it stopped running all niche advertising when the economy soured.

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