Out singer Lance Bass says in a new interview that he's “very disappointed” with Donald Trump.

Bass told Larry King that Trump, the GOP nominee for president, helped him out in his career.

“He gave us a couple of jobs. Miss Teen USA was one of 'NSYNC's first performances back in Louisiana years ago,” Bass said. “And then I got to judge again a couple years ago for him. And he's been very supportive of our career.”

“He's also said he's very supportive of gays. Do you believe that, or not?” King asked.

“Knowing Donald Trump I don't think he hates gays. I think that he knows how to pander to his audience to make sure that they think he doesn't like gays. So, no I don't think he's against gays, but I think that the platform that he's running on right now he's going to do everything he can for those constituents.”

“Is he disappointing to you?” King asked.

“Very disappointing,” Bass answered. “He's disappointing because I know what it is. It's one big marketing PR scheme.”

Bass added that Trump's rhetoric has “validated a lot of people's dark feelings inside of them, those bigoted feelings.” “It's scary and sad and I feel like I'm living in the 1960s,” Bass said.

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