Out singer Lance Bass has reiterated that he believes the music industry is still very homophobic.

Bass made his comments during an appearance on Larry King Now.

“Definitely,” Bass told host Larry King. “If you're in this business, especially music, you see how backwards...”

“And yet we have some amazing gay artists,” King interrupted.

“That's true. Finally we do,” Bass responded. “And then there's amazing gay artists that just don't get the support.”

“Because they're gay?”

“Bottom line is what the record labels look at. They just want to make money. And if this artist isn't going to pull in this many fans because they're gay, they're not going to support them as much,” Bass said.

“Adam Lambert is a great example of that. He's so freaking talented and could be pushed so much harder but I think just because he's gay the record label doesn't put him out there as much.”

Bass added that he's saddened that homophobia in country music keeps him from being a country music star.

“I grew up wanting to be a country singer. So, the fact that I know I'll never be able to really do it because I'm gay is really sad,” Bass said.