Out director Jill Soloway on Sunday compared GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Soloway, the creator of Amazon's Transparent, won an Emmy Award for directing on Sunday.

In comments to Variety backstage during the awards show, Soloway lit into Trump.

“Jews were other-ized in Nazi Germany to gain political power for Hitler, and right now Donald Trump is doing the same thing. He's other-izing people. He calls women pigs if they don't look like beauty pageant contestants. He blames Muslims and Mexicans for our problems. He makes fun of disabled people. This is other-izing with a capital 'O,'" Soloway told Variety.

“It has been used in our history before to start and win wars. He needs to be called out at every chance he gets for being one of the most dangerous monsters to ever approach our lifetimes. He's a complete dangerous monster, and at any moment that I have to call out Trump for being an inheritor to Hitler, I will,” she added.

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