Out television personality Andy Cohen has taken a swing at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Cohen, the host of E!'s Watch What Happens Live, made his comments in a Facebook post on Friday.

“It is so sad to me what an asshole this man proves himself to be each and every day,” Cohen wrote. “You think it couldn't get worse, then it does. I am so sad for our country. How embarrassing. I am an optimistic, patriotic person, but he is tearing us apart every day. He has no dignity or class whatsoever, and no respect for any of us. He is in it for himself.”

When asked to define “class,” Cohen answered: “Having a sense of decorum, conducting yourself like an adult, refraining from name calling... There's three to start.”

Cohen made his comments on the day Trump blamed Hillary Clinton, his Democratic rival, for “starting” the Barack Obama birther controversy, an accusation labeled false by major outlets, and later said that Clinton's bodyguards should lose their guns “and let's see what happens to her.”