Christian conservative Gordon Klingenschmitt on Wednesday lashed out at voters who rejected his bid for a Colorado Senate seat.

Klingenschmitt, who was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives in 2014, is the host of the YouTube program Pray in Jesus Name, where he routinely voices his radical views.

Bob Gardner won Tuesday's Republican primary for the 12th District, trampling Klingenschmitt by nearly 24 percentage points.

Klingenschmitt responded to his loss by saying that “God's will is not always done in this world.”

“I work hard to establish God's kingdom, not my own, and, as you know, God's will is not always done in this world,” he told a small crowd of supporters, The Gazette reported.

A vocal opponent of LGBT rights, Klingenschmitt has said that Jesus will overrule the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage and that homosexuality carries a “penalty” that amounts to “spiritual death.” He's also called for an exorcism for Caitlyn Jenner.