Colorado Republican lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt has proposed an exorcism for Caitlyn Jenner to rid her of the demonic “spirit of insanity.”

Voters in 2014 elected Klingenschmitt, a Christian conservative strongly opposed to LGBT rights, to the Colorado House.

In his latest Pray in Jesus Name YouTube program, Klingenschmitt responded to rumors that Jenner is planning to transition back to male. (A claim Jenner has denied.)

“[I]t would be a dumb statement for someone to try to say that he wants to stay a woman, because he's not a woman,” Klingenschmitt told his audience. “He's never been one. His DNA has never changed. He still has male XY chromosomes. He is not a woman. He is a man. In fact, he still has male parts, I'm told.”

“The spirit of insanity inside this man, Bruce Jenner” has made Jenner choose sin and “has brought him down a path of destruction,” Klingenschmitt said. “It is a mental illness. Of course, we think it is a demonic illness. The man needs an exorcism.”