The House sponsor of a Tennessee bill that targets transgender people withdrew her legislation on Monday.

Representative Susan Lynn, a Republican from Mount Juliet, said that she was pulling her legislation for this year.

“There's definitely some issues we need to work out,” Lynn is quoted as saying by the AP. “We know as soon as this bill passes, we're going to be sued. So, if we're going to be heading into a lawsuit, we want to make sure we have the strongest position possible.”

House Bill 2414 sought to prohibit students in public institutions from using the bathroom that does not conform to their gender at birth.

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery earlier this month said that the bill would “almost certainly” violate Title IX, possibly costing the state millions of dollars in federal funding.

“Tennessee lawmakers were wise to learn from the mistakes of North Carolina and Mississippi and halt this cruel legislation that would have only worsened the marginalization and harassment transgender students already face on a daily basis,” said Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate. “Over the last weeks and months, a growing chorus of civil rights leaders, child welfare advocates, businesses, and fair-minded people spoke out and declared that transgender youth deserve our support, care and respect. We urge Tennessee lawmakers to reject any similar future proposals that would subject these youth to discrimination and fear.”

Calling the bill discriminatory, more than 60 business leaders last week called on Tennessee lawmakers to reject the measure.

Supporters of such bills claim they are needed to protect girls and women from men pretending to be women entering the girls' restroom.

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“I really believe that boys should just use the boys room and girls should use the girls room,” Lynn said.