In a YouTube video posted on Friday, Delaware Governor Jack Markell, a Democrat, expressed his support for transgender rights.

Markell, the only sitting governor to have signed a transgender-inclusive protections bill, criticized bills introduced in more than a dozen states that target the transgender community.

Supporters of such bills argue that they are needed to protect women and children from men pretending to be transgender to gain entry into womens' bathrooms and locker rooms.

Markell denied that such incidents have occurred in Delaware.

“Delaware is one of 18 states, plus Washington D.C., to have passed protections for transgender people in employment, housing and public accommodations,” Markell said. “I was proud to sign that bill into law three years ago. As a governor of a state that allows transgender people to fully participate in society, including by using facilities in accordance with their gender identities, I know that we have not had any problems.”

“The only outcome has been that transgender people know that Delaware is a safe and welcoming place,” he added.