Lesbian Couple Asks Wisconsin Supreme Court To Strike Down Gay Marriage Ban

April 19, 2014

A lesbian couple has asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to strike down the state's ban on gay marriage

'Playbill' To Go Rainbow For Gay Pride

April 19, 2014

'Playbill,' the magazine for theatergoers, will alter its logo to celebrate Gay Pride

Plaintiff In AR Gay Marriage Case: I've Been Waiting 44 Years To Get Over This Rainbow

April 19, 2014

A plaintiff couple in a case heard Thursday challenging Arkansas' gay marriage ban appeared to have come prepared to marry

Mother Convicted Of Killing 4-Year-Old Son She Labeled Gay Sentenced To 25 Years

April 19, 2014

An Oregon woman convicted of murdering her 4-year-old son whom she described as gay was sentenced Friday to a minimum of 25 years in prison

Illinois County Issues 1,000 Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples Before Law's Start

April 19, 2014

Cook County Clerk David Orr announced on Friday that he issued the 1,000th marriage license to a gay couple

Gay Immigrant Wants His 1975 Marriage To Another Man Recognized

April 19, 2014

Anthony Sullivan is asking the federal government to recognize his 1975 marriage to another man

Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper Spreading Untruths About Being Gay, 'Ex-Gay' Says

April 19, 2014

'Ex-Gay': Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper making it difficult for the 'ex-gay' community to get across its message that being gay is a choice

HBO Releases Full Trailer For AIDS Drama 'Normal Heart'

April 18, 2014

Premium cable network HBO on Friday released a full trailer for 'The Normal Heart,' director Ryan Murphy's film adaptation of Larry Kramer's Tony-winning play