Tania Raymonde, who plays police officer Carla in MTV's Death Valley, jokes her character isn't completely straight.

The 23-year-old Raymonde is best known for playing Alex Rousseau for four seasons on the ABC drama Lost.

In Death Valley, she plays an Undead Task Force (UTF) agent who battles the zombies, vampires and werewolves that roam Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.

The half-hour show, which premiered in August, mixes black comedy with horror. UTF agents are followed by a Channel 5 news team as they capture the monsters.

When Fearnet.com suggested Raymonde played the “straight man” on the show, she replied: “Well, not completely straight.”

In fact, Carla was revealed to be a lesbian during the fifth episode of the show, titled Zombie Fights.

She added, referring the show's latest episode, Tick, Tick, Boom: “We meet her girlfriend and there are some funny scenes with Carla and her girlfriend and John-John (played by Texas Quency Battle, The Bold and the Beautiful), who refuses to believe that Carla is a lesbian – despite very concrete evidence that she is.”