Miss Virginia Nikki Poteet has been accused of using anti-gay slurs, media watchdog ThinkProgress.org reported.

The 24-year-old Poteet is accused of lashing out against her roommate, Derek Powell, and his boyfriend.

In a letter written to the Miss Universe Organization, Powell claims that Poteet refereed to him and his boyfriend, Chris, as “faggots” and “cocksuckers” during an altercation that occurred around 2AM on Saturday, October 29 at the Richmond group home they share.

Poteet denied the allegations but conceded that she and Powell had quarreled.

“One of his friends proceeded to say things that didn't need to be said,” she said.

According to Powell, an “extremely intoxicated” Poteet was furious that he and his boyfriend were hosting a party in the house.

“It's the first I've ever been subjected to hateful words and things like that based on people's sexuality,” Powell said. “It just got me infuriated. Someone like her, who is supposed to be a role model for young girls to say things like that. People need to be held accountable for their words and their actions.”

Poteet vehemently denied the accusations, adding that her “best friend in the world” is gay. But the beauty queen quickly ended the conversation after she denied breaking a door from a furniture cabinet during the party and ThinkProgress.org confronted her with a text message in which she admitted to breaking the door.