Online studio Randy Blue is mixing gay porn and horror in a new Halloween feature.

In Boys Night Out, Eric Pryor decides to ditch a Halloween party and hook up with hard-bodied studs Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas and Paul Wagner, instead.

“It must have been freezing in Caleb's house before he got there because all three of them were cold to the touch, but Eric didn't care, he had enough heat for all of them,” the film's description reads. “He was getting it from both ends and after a while he couldn't tell who was doing what and he didn't care. Still, in the few moments of clarity through the sexual haze of this hardcore gang bang he couldn't shake that there was something not quite right. And he was correct. And little did he know that he was soon to find out exactly how not right things were.” (The R-rated trailer is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Reaction to the feature, which was released on Friday, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Kudos to the makeup artist and all the staff who worked on this epic piece,” wrote one commenter.

“Awesome,” wrote another. “Oh yes, the ending scared the shit out of me!!!”