On MTV's The Real World: San Diego, Zach Nichols threatened to “beat the gay” out of housemate Samantha “Sam” McGinn.

During this week's episode, Sam approached Zach while he played ping-pong to let him know that she and another housemate were waiting on him.

“Cause you want to play ping-pong?” Zach, 23, asked.

“No, actually I don't. I will throw the paddles over the edge,” Sam, 21, answered.

“You can't throw something that your roommates enjoy so much ...”

“Oh, I can,” Sam interrupted.

“... over the edge.”

“No, you won't,” Zach insisted.

“Want to make a $50 bet?”

“I will beat the gay out of you, if you throw these paddles off the porch,” he threatened. “Don't play that game with me.”

It is the latest incident of insensitivity toward the gay housemates and appears to be an emerging theme in the new season, which also includes bisexual Frank Sweeney.