Question 1, the documentary that looks at the 2009 fight to repeal a gay marriage law in Maine, opens on Friday.

The film recounts the heated fight that erupted after lawmakers approved a gay marriage law in the spring of 2009.

Social conservatives put the law up for a referendum and voters repealed it with a vote of 53-47 percent.

Filmmakers Joe Fox and James Nubile say their film will look at both sides of the issue.

“We spent the duration of the campaign as both sides formulated strategies, created advertising messages, shared private insights, prayed, cried, demonstrated, vociferated, petitioned, buttonholed, as they approached a battle framed by issues of civil rights, societal changes, religion, children, public school education, sex, love, hate, fear and loathing,” the team said in a statement. (A trailer for the film is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

While the film is out, the debate is far from over as gay activists are working to put the issue on next year's ballot.

The film will premiere at the Railroad Square Cinema in Waterville at 7PM on Friday. Screenings will also be held at the Cinemagic in South Portland and at the University of Southern Maine.