Rocker Adam Lambert says he wears makeup because he wants to.

In a cover story with gay glossy The Advocate, Lambert said he expects his yet-to-be-titled sophomore album to be released next spring.

Lambert described the upcoming album as having a “Nine Inch Nails meets George Michael” feel. “I know that's a weird mash-up, but that's what it feels like,” he said.

“No matter what the genre is, it's all very personal, even on upbeat, fun tracks. The last album was a little bit more of a fantasy escape … even my image for that last album felt very theatrical and kind of over-the-top and intentionally tacky. I get a kick out of making artistic statements that are kind of ridiculous.”

And on wearing makeup, the 29-year-old American Idol season 8 runner-up essentially said it was his prerogative.

“This is pop music, and it's not fucking brain surgery. I mean, some of it's serious … but some of it's just really fun dance music. And I'm wearing eight pounds of makeup because I fucking want to. Why not?”

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