Rocker Adam Lambert says his controversial kiss was a reaction to critics who said he wasn't gay enough.

Speaking with gay glossy The Advocate, Lambert said the kiss just happened. But provocative it was, and it fired up Lambert's burgeoning career.

After he publicly came out gay on the cover of Rolling Stone, the 29-year-old American Idol season 8 runner-up grabbed international headlines for kissing his male keyboardist and simulating oral sex during his American Music Awards performance. The kiss prompted ABC to cancel a morning show appearance.

“I kind of asked for it in a way,” Lambert said. “Not everything is so premeditated as people think it is. There are things that just happen, there are things you just do. It was an impulse.”

“I think I was a little overwhelmed with everything. It was me reacting a little bit to that 'you're not gay enough' thing. At that moment for whatever reason I was like, 'Well, is this enough? It was me being a little bit pissed off!” Lambert added.