Actor Kelsey Grammer has told CNN host Piers Morgan that's he's OK with gay marriage.

Kelsey, who is promoting Boss, his new show to be aired on cabler Starz, joined Morgan for an interview to be broadcast on Monday.

Morgan zoomed in on Grammer's politics. The Republican was criticized for becoming involved with the right-wing cabler RightNetwork at about the same time that he began playing a gay nightclub owner in the Broadway revival of La Cage Aux Folles. At the time of the controversy, Grammer stated that he was a supporter of gay rights.

When Morgan asked Grammer if he was sympathetic to the tea party, Grammer said he agreed with their principles but added that “I've just been told that they're lunatics.”

Morgan pointed out that most tea party candidates are “violently opposed” to gay marriage.

“Well, I wouldn't sign on to that,” Grammer responded.

“You played a famous gay character,” Morgan joked. “You'd be banning yourself.”

“I guess I'm more Libertarian in that way. I think marriage is up to two people that love each other,” Grammer said. “I tend to think the government shouldn't be involved in anyway.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)