Social conservatives are cheering NBC's decision to close The Playboy Club, one of the most gay-inclusive shows of the new television season.

“It is great news that the 'Playboy Club' is canceled after just three episodes. Clearly viewers are not interested in supporting the brand that normalized pornography and caused immeasurable harm to women, children and the men who became addicted to porn,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in the Media.

Hawkins' group organized a petition campaign urging NBC to ax the show.

While the site charges that the show glorified the sexual exploitation of women, other social conservatives balked at the show's gay inclusiveness.

On the show, Bunny Alice (played by Leah Renee) and her husband Sean (Sean Maher) are in a sham marriage and both characters are gay. Alice and Sean are also members of the Chicago chapter of the Mattachine Society, one of America's earliest gay rights groups.

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The Playboy Club was set in the early 1960s and it appeared as though producers were working on a storyline contrasting the Civil Rights Movement with the budding gay rights movement.