Lesbian couple Teresa Folds and Juleigh Snell claim they were kicked out of the St. Louis' Four Seasons Hotel for kissing.

The women told NBC affiliate KSDK that they were asked to leave the hotel's rooftop pool for openly displaying affection.

“When we got into the Jacuzzi, and we were sitting close to one another and we were kissing, that a member of security came over to us,” said Folds.

Folds said she asked to speak to a manager after the hotel security officer told them they were not allowed to kiss on the hotel property.

“He said that they didn't even allow heterosexual couples to kiss on their property,” said Folds.

“When we were explaining how gay people have rights, he basically insinuated that we were not a normal couple and should not be kissing,” said Snell.

The women said the manager told them that the hotel had received complaints.

“They have yet to tell us what that inappropriate activity is,” said Folds. “Other than the kissing, that's all they can say because that's all we were doing.”

“I was disheartened by the whole experience,” said Snell.

The hotel denied the claims in a statement: “Four Seasons respects the behaviors of our guests, except where doing so may be a breach of law or create tensions among people. This was the case on the night in question, as our staff received several complaints about the guests' behavior. I can assure you that the gender of the couple was never at issue.”