Toby Keith says he's okay with gay marriage and the lifting of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.”

The 50-year-old country music singer-songwriter talked about gay rights on Saturday's episode of CMT Insider.

“That whole gay issue thing, that's never bothered me,” Keith said. “I've never seen what that affects and [why] anybody should care – and they never do affect me.”

“First of all, we're going to stop somebody from getting a marriage license because they're gay? You won't stop them from living together, so what have you accomplished? … Wasting a lot of money here and a lot of time that could be spent working on this deficit that we're under. … I never saw that reasoning behind getting in people's personal lives.”

“But the military is a tough thing,” Keith said. “I don't worry as much about the heterosexual people fighting as I do … about the gays. In the military or any class in life, you have people who have problems with it, and I'm wondering how that's going to be compatible on the battlefield. That's the only question I have, other than that I don't care.”

“Somebody's sexual preference is like, 'Who cares?'” the Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue singer added.