Cary Grant's ex-wife Dyan Cannon has denied rumors the Hollywood star was gay.

Grant eloped with Cannon in 1965; they married in Las Vegas. Their daughter Jennifer Diane Grant, 45, is an actress who has appeared as a recurring guest star in Beverly Hills 90210 and Friends.

In 1932 Grant met actor Randolph Scott on the set of Hot Saturday. Shortly afterward the two men began rooming together in a beach house in Malibu. Several biographers have suggested the relationship was more than friendship.

Openly gay fashion designer Richard Blackwell claimed in his 1995 memoir From Rags to Bitches: An Autobiography that he had had intimate relationships with Grant and Scott.

In Peter Bogdanovich's book of essays about actors, Who the Hell's in It, Grant is quoted as saying he has “nothing against gays, I'm just not one myself.” And two of Grant's wives – Barbara Harris and Betsy Drake – have also denied that Grant was gay.

In an interview with Fox News, Dyan Cannon, Grant's fourth wife, says the marriage turned sour when she became pregnant.

“[T]hat brought up all those feeling he hadn't really addressed as a child,” Cannon said. “He tried to address them with LSD. He thought LSD got him closer to God, that it would heal him.”

And she dismissed rumors of Grant's homosexuality as gossip: “I just want to tell you that part of our life was very fulfilling, so I don't know. In Hollywood they talk about everyone in some form or another. If that was the case, I never saw any indication of it.”