A Toledo, Ohio church has erected 9 billboards proclaiming that being gay “is NOT a gift from God,” the Toledo Blade reported.

The billboards are in response to a Central United Methodist Church's billboard that went up in April.

“Being gay is a gift from God,” the billboard read.

“Being Gay is NOT a Gift from God – Forgiveness, Love and Eternal Life Are,” said the counter billboards erected by the Church on Strayer, which claims a 2,500-member congregation.

“I love everyone. There's nothing on that billboard about hate,” the Rev. Tony Scott, who has led the church for 37 years, told the paper. “I'm getting hate mail from lesbian and gay people, but my point is that I love them too much to let someone believe a lie. I love this city too much to let a lie be sown.”

In a blog post, however, Scott called homosexuality a “deviant lifestyle” and suggested that sexual orientation is a choice.

“In more than 30 years of counseling with people who have chosen the gay lifestyle, not one of them has ever said – 'I am delighted to be gay.' No one has ever said to me, 'My gay lifestyle is a gift from God.' In every case, those engaged in this deviant lifestyle shared with me the pain of their choice, along with the shame and guilt they carry,” Scott wrote.