Randy Thomasson of the Christian conservative group Save California says gay teen Lawrence King provoked his own murder, media watchdog RightWingWatch.org reported.

Thomasson's group is working to repeal Senator Mark Leno's FAIR Education Act, also known as Senate Bill 48, which mandates the inclusion of the historical contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans in the state's textbooks. As the country's most populous state, California's move could set the tone for textbooks throughout the nation.

Opponents of the law reacted swiftly to its passage, submitting ballot language to the state for a proposed referendum. The groups have until October 12 to collect the signatures of 504,760 registered voters to qualify for the next statewide ballot.

During an appearance on The Janet Mefferd Show, Thomasson countered claims that the law helps reduce the bullying of gay teens by suggesting that 15-year-old Lawrence King, who liked to say he was gay, provoked his own murder when he teased 14-year-old Brandon McInerney. McInerney, now 17, shot King twice in the back of his head during a morning computer lab at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, California.

“The homosexual activists are saying, 'Well we have to do this so that we won't have another Larry King.'” Thomasson said on Wednesday. “Now Larry King was saying he was homosexual but he also was a cross-dresser and he had a bad teacher who actually got him a girl's dress and taught him how to put makeup on. And it came out in court that this boy was parading around in makeup and high heels in front of a classmate outside on a bench and the fifteen-year-old Larry King was walking back and forth and saying, 'You know you want me, you know you want me.' And there was a lot of anger that another teacher saw on the boy's face who was being taunted, I mean who's harassing whom?”

“[T]he whole point is, why in the world would you let two wrongs to be done? Murder is wrong, but allowing reverse harassment to be done and allowing teachers to actually dress up boys as girls, this is causing tension, it's causing sexual tension, it's causing emotional tension and this is not anything that goes along with the purpose of academics. This is social engineering. So whenever you hear 'bullying' from the homosexual activists, think indoctrination. And it's coming to all fifty states, I'm sorry but it is one way or the other, get your kids into godly schools and do the sacrifice of time or money and realize that you only have a few years with your children, otherwise they're going to become liberal adults and call you bigots,” he added. (The audio is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

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