Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres and Jane Lynch on Tuesday celebrated the end of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.”

The military policy that banned gay and bisexual troops from serving openly ended on Tuesday, nearly 18 years after its implementation and 9 months after Congress authorized its repeal. More than 13,000 service members were drummed out of the military for violating the policy.

Singer Lady Gaga, who worked to repeal the law, tweeted to her more than 13 million followers: “What a tremendous & beautiful day, DADT is officially repealed & the new order is in place. Sending all my love & gratitude to service members.”

Chat show host Ellen DeGeneres messaged, “Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially over. It's a good day.”

“DADT … gone! Good riddance,” tweeted Emmy host Jane Lynch, who plays sharp tongued coach Sue Sylvester on the Fox musical-comedy Glee.

After Congress approved repeal in December, actor Neil Patrick Harris messaged: “So proud of Congress for making the right decision. Now all soldiers can serve with integrity. A gr8 day.”