Thomas Jane, the star of the HBO series Hung, says he's proud of his 1999 gay role.

Jane played the title role in the film The Velocity of Gary* *(Not His Real Name). In the film, Gary, whose real name is never revealed, is in love with former porn star Valentino (Played by Vincent D'Onofrio), who is dying of AIDS.

In Hung, Jane plays high school teacher Ray Drecker, a struggling divorcee and father of two teenagers living in suburban Detroit. With the help of former girlfriend Tanya Skagle (played by Jane Adams), Ray begins moonlighting as a male prostitute after a house fire leaves him with few options.

In the show's third season, which premieres in October, Drecker will rent himself out to a pre-op transgender receptionist named Kyla (Jamie Clayton), putting his character closer to that forbidden LGBT zone.

In talking about the storyline, Jane told New York Mag's Vulture blog: “I told HBO, the year I end up with a penis in my mouth is the last year of the show.”

On Wednesday he dialed back his comment.

“Of course, everything I said was meant in good humor, good fun. You know, I'm a fan of the gay community, just because I've grown up in Hollywood around them. I have family members, friends, co-workers, a lot of the writers on Hung are gay, so it's amusing to think, obviously I would never be able to tell HBO what to do, or the writers how to write the character.”

“I feel very proud of the fact that I still have one of the longest gay kisses in screen history, me and Vincent D'Onofio, in The Velocity of Gary,” he said. (The scene is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

“Nothing I say should be taken too seriously,” he added.