The presidential campaign of Herman Cain attempted to conceal the employment of aide Scott Toomey, an openly gay man, the AP reported.

The allegation surfaced in testimony by Kevin Hall, a former Iowa straw poll coordinator for the Cain campaign.

In the process of securing unemployment benefits, Hall alleges he resigned after the campaign attempted to recruit him to take part in the cover-up.

Toomey was treasurer of Cain's political action committee and served as senior political adviser through May. In 2008, the board of Madison Pride, which organizes the city's annual gay pride festival, removed Toomey as treasurer over “financial discrepancies.” After fleeing to Florida, Toomey filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

“A conservative candidate, Mr. Cain is on the record as stating that he believes homosexuality is a sin and a choice,” Hall testified. “And they [campaign aides] know that, if his top adviser, his highly paid adviser, is openly gay that it would cast a negative light on Mr. Cain and would cost him in his efforts to become president. Basically the campaign was trying to cover up the fact that Mr. Toomey was still involved. They asked … me to help them cover up that fact.”

Hall claimed that campaign manager Mark Block told him in June that the campaign would conceal Toomey's continued work with the campaign by paying his consulting firm, instead. Toomey's The Soarin' Group began receiving payments less than two weeks after his departure.