Jane Lynch, who plays sharp-tongued coach Sue Sylvester on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, says Cybill Shepherd loves her lesbian daughters.

In a cover story for gay glossy The Advocate, Lynch talks about tying the knot, her new daughters and hosting the upcoming Emmy Awards. And coming out gay.

The 51-year-old actress has said that nobody cares about the sexual orientation of character actors such as herself, but in expanding her comment she added that she cared.

“That's something that I hope will be helpful to people who are living in environments where gay people don't exist or in environments that are hostile toward homosexuals. It's good for people to know that you can actually overcome the adversity and find places and people like you. They're out there.”

When asked whether her The L Word love interest Cybill Shepherd discussed her lesbian daughters – Ariel and Clementine – on the set, she answered: “Oh, yeah. She marched in the [gay pride] parades before it was fashionable. And she gave me an award at the Orange County gay and lesbian center about 2 years ago, so she's been out there. Clementine's got a great mom who's going to support her and whoever she loves.”