Singer Chely Wright will attend next week a rally against passage of North Carolina's proposed gay marriage ban.

The 40-year-old country music star will attend next Tuesday's rally in Raleigh being organized by Equality North Carolina, the state's largest gay rights group.

Opponents of the ban will gather on Halifax Mall, located across from the state's Legislative Building, as lawmakers convene a special session on constitutional amendments which will consider whether to send the marriage amendment to the ballot box in 2012.

Wright is among a handful of celebrities openly married to a person of the same gender. Wright and Lauren Blitzer married in Connecticut last month.

“I have never experienced anything more emotionally and spiritually rewarding than to be among family and friends as Lauren and I committed our lives together as one,” Wright said.

North Carolina's proposed marriage amendment is “not about preserving the sanctity of marriage … Rather, this measure is about tearing down the sanctity of human dignity. It is that full humanity that God places in the gay and lesbian individual as he does us all. And it is the full humanity that he wants us to recognize and embrace rather [than] reject, condemn and demean,” she added.

Wright will also meet with lawmakers on Monday, September 12.