Focus on the Family, one of the nation's largest groups opposed to gay rights, is facing persistent financial woes.

According to the Colorado Springs-based The Gazette, the group's lobbying arm, CitizenLink, is facing a $2.3 million budget shortfall that must be overcome by September 30.

In a fundraising plea to supporters, CitizenLink Executive Director Tom Minnery said if the money is not raised, “our ability to act on your behalf will be severely, and perhaps irreparably, hurt.”

“The threat is still very real,” Minnery wrote. “If we don't stay vigilant, last year's victories can AND WILL be taken from us!”

The ministry built by James Dobson laid off roughly 250 people in 2008, 75 in 2009 and another 110 in 2010. At its height in 2002, Focus employed 1,400 people, according to The Gazette.

CitizenLink has spent millions fighting laws that recognize gay and lesbian unions – either marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships – and the repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” the policy set to expire in 15 days which bans gay and bisexual troops from serving openly. The group has also railed against laws that protect transgender people from discrimination.