Leon Thomas has joined Glee's Cory Monteith and The Kids Are All Right's Josh Hutcherson in recording an anti-homophobia PSA.

The 18-year-old actor-singer-songwriter-dancer is best known for playing the role of Andre Harris on cabler Nickelodeon's Victorious.

“I grew up in a family of entertainers and I've been around people of all shapes and sizes and sexual orientation. And I truly feel like everybody should be free to do what they feel. We're in a free country.”

“At this point in time, you know, we are the generation that is going to be running things. So, it's really up to us, you know, to take this time to really make a difference.”

“I just want to be here to say, it's OK to be whoever you are. It's good to be yourself.”

Actor Avan Jogia says his Straight But Not Narrow campaign is about “guys talking to guys about guys who like guys.”

Thomas joins Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, and 18-year-old Josh Hutcherson, a co-star of the lesbian moms film The Kids Are All Right, in recording a PSA for the campaign.