Gay porn star Logan McCree has released a video response to the controversy he's dating a woman.

The German-born 33-year-old McCree (real name Philipp Tanzer) began his porn career in 2007, signing on exclusively with the porn studio Raging Stallion. He's won numerous awards for his performances, including Best Sex Scene in the The Drifter and Best Three-Way Sex Scene in To The Last Man.

McCree, who is admired for this fully tattooed body, was last in a gay relationship with fellow porn actor Vinnie D'Angelo. According to McCree, their romance ended over two years ago.

McCree's plans to move to Durness, Scotland were reported in the Sunday Mail.

In the story, McCree is quoted as saying that is no longer gay.

“I've fallen in love with a wonderful woman, Zazna, and I'd love to bring her to stay with me once I've finished building my own house.”

In a blog entry, McCree denied saying he was no longer gay, adding that he considers himself to be bisexual. (He also said his girlfriend's name was Zuzana and that she had no plans of trading Prague for Durness.)

The article stirred controversy, prompting several gay outlets to ask whether McCree was “gay for pay.”

The porn star responded to the rumblings – he's bisexual, he insists – and then released a video spoof of the controversy.

In the 6-minute video, a reporter informs us that McCree was kidnapped by the radical heterosexual terror organization Straight to Heaven and forced to become straight.

“His newfound heterosexuality caused wave of terror and shock in the gay community, which is famous for being open minded and tolerant,” the reporter says.

Moments later, the reporter is informed that McCree has been kidnapped by the terror group al-Gayda and he shares video of McCree denouncing his straight indiscretions.

“Al-Gayda helped me realize that gay sex is the only good, God-given sex,” McCree says at knife point. “I never liked my girlfriend. But I like Kylie [Minogue], Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga.”

“I'm a proud gay man now. And I declare war on straight people and bisexuals.”

“Gay pride, gay pride, gay pride,” an emotional McCree adds, raising a fist. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)