Openly gay Washington State Senator Ed Murray says the public is ready to embrace gay marriage.

Murray is openly talking with media outlets about introducing a marriage equality bill in Washington State.

In an interview last week with National Public Radio (NPR), Murray said recent passage of such a law in New York had renewed momentum in Washington.

Murray and Representative Jamie Pedersen, who is also openly gay, have previously sponsored bills shoring up the state's domestic partnership law.

The latest expansion approved in 2009 gives gay and lesbian couples all the rights and responsibilities of marriage.

He now tells Spokane-based My Fox 28 that the public is ready for full marriage.

“I think the public is now with us. And that's why I think we should move it in the Legislature. And that's why we waited. That's why we did domestic partnership first; the public wasn't with us yet. I think they are there now.”

“I think we've changed hearts and minds,” Murray added. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The issue is likely to complicate the state's gubernatorial election. Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire singed the original 2006 domestic partnership law and its three expansions.