Presidential hopefuls Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul and Herman Cain will address an anti-gay forum in Columbia, South Carolina on Labor Day.

The four GOP candidates will appear at the Palmetto Freedom Forum sponsored by the American Principles Project, which is helmed by social conservative Robert P. George. George is the chairman emeritus of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage.

Quizzing the candidates will be South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and Iowa Representative Steve King, both of whom oppose gay rights.

“I am very excited about the initial response and thrilled to be able to already announce that Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Ron Paul and Rick Perry have confirmed their attendance in Columbia for this important event,” said DeMint in a release. “This forum will allow candidates to get past the 30-second sound bites and have an open dialogue with concerned citizens. Hopefully, this event will be an important part of the process to choose the next President of the United States.”

The 3PM invitation-only event will take place at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, South Carolina.